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Bodywork Sessions For Horses in Houston TX

"Holistic Therapy is a form of healing that considers the whole - mind, body, and spirit - in the quest for optimal health and wellness." - WebMD

You are headed back to the stalls after a long day of showing and you can’t help but notice one of the horses in the warm up ring. A glossy coat, flowing mane and tail, perfect muscling, a floaty and effortless stride, a happy expression, a sparkle in the eye… there's just something special about that horse that makes him stand out amongst the rest. 

What is it that gives some horses that wow factor? Optimal health and wellness and the perfect balance between mind, body, and spirit, that's what!

Physical and emotional issues can block your horse's "something special" from shining through. That's where I come in! My job as a practitioner is to help resolve any physical and emotional issues that keep your horse from feeling balanced and performing at his/her best. I use a variety of different modalities to influence not only the body but the mind and spirit as well.

In my bodywork sessions I help your horse work through all of the following issues:

  • Muscle spasms and tension

  • Tendons, ligaments and joint problems

  • Frequent and slow healing injuries

  • Swelling, inflammation, edema, and pain

  • Nervousness, anxiety and other emotional imbalances

  • Performance issues including difficulty with transitions, lateral movements, bending, picking up the correct lead, unwillingness to move forward

  • Sudden changes in behavior, including head tossing, bucking, rearing, spooking and aggression


Your horse wants to feel healthy, happy, and full of life and be able to perform to the best of his/her ability. Take a look below to see the modalities I use and how they help bring out your horse’s "something special".

Masterson Method® Massage / Performance Massage

Oh Yes, That's The Spot!

  • Masterson Method® techniques interact with your horse's nervous system

  • Your horse's responses are used as a guide to find and release tension

  • Tension is released in the key junctions of the body that most affect performance

No More Charley Horses... Unless Your Horse's Name is Charley

  • It decreases muscular tension, spasms and pain

Say Hello To Bigger Strides And That Floating-On-Clouds-Like Movement

  • It increases flexibility and range of motion

Your Horse Can’t Wait To Do It Again Tomorrow

  • It decreases recovery time and stiffness in between workouts

  • It prevents overuse and stress related injuries


Say Yes to Zen Mode

  • It's relaxing, calming and decreases stress


Share The Love

  • It feels just as good for your horse as it does when you get your own massage


Your horse’s muscles work together in groups called chains. If one muscle is tense, it transfers that tension to the rest of the muscles in that chain. This makes it difficult and uncomfortable for your horse to do all that you are asking of him/her. It also increases the chance of injury.

Regular massages keep all of your horse’s muscles loose and relaxed so that when you say “Jump” your horse says “How High!?”



Acupressure Is Over 2,500 Years Old So It Must Work

  • It’s based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Blood and energy called Chi flow through meridians throughout the body

  • A harmonious flow of Chi and blood is necessary for optimal health and well being

  • When Chi and blood get stuck or blocked it can lead to physical and emotional issues

  • An acupoint is where Chi accumulates close to the skin and it can be stimulated to influence change in the body


The Magic Touch

  • It’s non-evasive and uses touch and gentle pressure on the acupoints instead of needles


Acupoints To The Rescue

  • Your horse has 361 acupoints and each one has its own special power

  • If your horse has an issue, there is at least one acupoint that can help


A blockage in a meridian is like a rock in a stream. The larger the rock, the harder it is for the water to flow by. If the blockage is left long enough it can negatively affect muscles, joints, tendons/ligaments, and even organs. It can also create unwanted emotional and behavioral issues.

Regular acupressure sessions remove these blockages and keep your horse feeling mentally, emotionally, and physically prepared to perform at his/her best. Happy / Healthy Horse = Happy You.


Kinesiology Taping

Protection Where Your Horse Needs It Most

  • Kinesiotape provides support to tendons, ligaments, muscles, and joints without restricting motion


This Tape Isn’t Just For Show

  • It lifts the skin, which increases circulation of blood and lymph and promotes natural healing


Three Cheers for Pain Relief

  • It interacts with neurosensory receptors, resulting in decreased pain


Give Muscle Memory a Reboot

  • It stimulates proprioceptors, which can promote the proper movement of body parts and lead to increased athleticism


Want Your Gift To Keep on Giving?

  • If applied after a massage it can keep the circulation and energy flowing well after the session


Click on the button below to check out client success stories and see how the modalities I use in a session can help transform your horse.

Sessions / Pricing

A session with me will include a combination of the modalities listed above depending on your horse's needs. I charge per session rather than per hour.

Individual Sessions | $125

  • I tailor the session to match your goals and work on any issues you are having with your horse

  • Regular sessions allow me to build a relationship with your horse, further explore the issues that he/she is having, and make more progress on resolving them

A trip fee may be charged depending on the distance to your horse. This will be discussed at time of booking.

Regular bodywork sessions will do wonders for your horse’s health and happiness. You will notice a difference and you can bet your horse will too! So let’s get started… click on the button below to book a session for your horse.

Note: The modalities that I practice are not substitutes for veterinary care. I am not a veterinarian and as a practitioner I cannot diagnose or treat illnesses or lamenesses.

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