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Release That Hyoid

I was asked to work on Valora to help her release tension in her poll and neck. I started by massaging her neck on both sides, moved to lateral cervical flexions, then released her scapula on both sides. She was tight but was very willing to work through the flexions and release the tension.

After that I moved on to tongue releases and then released her hyoid on both sides. The bones of the hyoid connect to the scapula through the omohyoid muscle, connect to the sternum through the sternohyoid muscle, and connect to the poll through the occiptohyoid muscle. What an important set of bones! Releasing the tension in the muscles that connect to the hyoid and then releasing the hyoid itself helped Valora to become more soft and relaxed in her poll. This video shows the level of processing that she did once her hyoid was released. Sweet relief!

Masterson Method

Hyoid Release

Poll Tension

Neck Tension

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