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Trust In Touch

When Rayna came to her new home she was very nervous about being touched. She was especially guarded with her hind end and would move away every time a hand came near her.

Her first session involved using Trust Technique to see if I could quiet her mind and get her to relax while being touched. By the end of the session we were able to touch her all over her body, even her hind end, with her being relaxed. A huge success! Her owner used the technique in the following days to help solidify the progress made.

With Rayna being more confident with being touched I was able to do a full bodywork for the second session. She really enjoyed the softness of the Masterson Method techniques, which built on her trust and confidence. I was also able to release her hind end and was thanked with a big yawn and some stretching!

The picture above is Rayna during the bodywork session, relaxed and at peace.

Masterson Method

Trust Technique



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