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On The Path To A Bronze Medal

Kacee and her horse Paloma are working towards their bronze medal in dressage. In late spring they received their qualifying scores at 2nd level and are now moving into 3rd level. As the dressage movements become more demanding for horse and rider, Kacee has Paloma worked on regularly to keep her feeling relaxed and ready to perform. Here's what Kacee had to say about how bodywork has helped her horse:

My horse Paloma is naturally a tense horse. I first reached out to Jen about a massage to help Paloma release the tension that she holds throughout her body, especially in her neck and poll. As we advance up the levels of dressage and jumping it’s very important to keep her relaxed and loose!

Over the last several months I have noticed a significant change in Paloma after getting massages from Jen. She’s much more willing to do the movements and is getting better about staying relaxed and not locking her poll. Paloma absolutely loves her massages and immediately goes into a “horsey coma” when Jen is working on her. During the last massage she received Paloma gave us so many releases once her neck and poll were worked on. It’s so great to see the immediate release of tension.

I'm definitely going to keep getting Paloma massaged! Jen has been so much fun to work with and has really made a difference for both Paloma and me.

Kacee Davidson, Owner and Rider

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Bronze Medal


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