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Bodywork at DSH

I ride at Devereaux Sporthorses and have been doing bodywork on many of the horses in training there over the years. It's really fun for me to have ongoing feedback from the owners and see how bodywork helps their horses progress in their training. Here's what Dev has to say about the sessions over the years:

I am constantly amazed by how well my horses feel after a bodywork session with Jen. They come out of the sessions calm, loose, and relieved of the soreness and tension they came in with.

More striking however are the means utilized by Jen to obtain these results Within the course of a session or two, Jen develops a relationship with the horse. Through that relationship, the horse is able to guide her to the source of the tension and soreness. From there she utilizes gentle and soft techniques, allowing the horse's own body to create the release. This is much more in line with my work with horses versus the force and manipulation of other modalities.

The outcome is not only the improvement of body function, but the full connection of mind and body and a horse that feels like a million bucks!

Dev Branham

Owner and Trainer, Devereaux Sporthorses

Masterson Method

Performance Massage

Trust Technique

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