2D Championship And A Mysterious Lameness Solved

I was asked to work on Catherine's young horse after he developed a hind end lameness that the vets were having trouble diagnosing. I had found an unusual sensation in the youngster's stifle that turned out to be a hidden hematoma that was causing the lameness (vet diagnosed). I also worked on her two fabulous barrel horses before their big race. Here is what Catherine had to say about the sessions:

Jenilee has a true gift with helping equine athletes.

The week after she worked on my horses, my mare Suzie Q won the 2D Championship at the 2018 Josey Reunion Barrel Race.

Jenilee also located a point of pain that caused a mysterious hind end lameness for one of my young horses. This lameness had been misdiagnosed by 3 different vets. Her expertise led to a sound horse, and I am forever grateful!

If you are looking for help for your horse, call Jenilee!

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